There is an emergency temporary road closure of Southmont Blvd./Olive Street between Otis Street/Southmont Blvd. and State Street/Olive Street beginning June 23, 2022. During this closure, traffic will be detoured onto State Street.

This temporary road closure is due to the deterioration of the stormwater grate across Olive Street. Southmont Borough Council recently approved a bid from Mar-Allen Company to make repairs to the Cheney Run Headwall and Concrete Box, which includes the grate across Olive Street. In the meantime, our Borough Engineers suggested we limit the amount of traffic traveling over the grate for the safety of the public.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation of this notice. If you have any questions about the temporary street closure or would like to hear an update on the progress, please call the Southmont Borough Municipal Office at (814) 255-3104.