Garbage Collection


Garbage collection is once a week on either Monday or Thursday. Click here to see which day your garbage collection falls on. Garbage should be curbside by 5:00 a.m. Any changes will be advertised in the newspaper. Household garbage only, no construction materials, large appliances or furniture. Arrangements can be made directly with the hauler to remove any additional garbage for an additional fee at (814) 736-3631. Remember, it is illegal to transport garbage from one municipality to another. The current garbage hauler is Pro Disposal.

Leaf Collection


The Public Works Department collects leaves in the fall. Collections begin in October and usually run thru November. No limbs or grass and other yard waste. Residents are requested to rake the leaves to the curb, not in the street. Bagged leaves will be picked up with your garbage on your regular pick-up day. Help avoid street flooding and clogged catch basins by cleaning leaves and other debris from the catch basins near your home.

Sidewalks & Curbs

Current Borough Ordinance (#'s 39, 397 and 403) provides that all owners (or agent of owner), with property abutting or fronting upon any street, are required to keep the public walkway immediately abutting their property in good repair. The Borough will inspect and the property owner will be notified that repairs are necessary. If not done by the property owner, the Borough will contract to have the work done at the property owners expense.

Leash Law


All animals are to be kept under restraint, licensed or unlicensed (Ordinance #374). Animals are to be held in leash and under control of the owner or attendant of such animals. The animals' owners are responsible for removing any defecation on properties other than their own, and are subject to fines up to $300.00 if they do not comply. Be kind and remember your neighbors and friends who also like to walk along the streets, sidewalks and in the parks. 


Remember you must carry clean-up equipment when you are walking your dog. According to Ordinance #374 and #419,

  • No person shall permit their dog to run at large upon public places, streets, alleys, sidewalks, or private property of others.

  • Dogs must be restrained with a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length at all times while on public places.

  • No person shall allow their animal to defecate on said properties without immediate cleanup, removal and proper disposal of feces.


Violaters are subject to fines and penalties.


Landlord/Tenant Registration


Southmont Borough recently passed Ordinance No. 494 requiring landlords/owners to register rental properties and their tenants. A form is required any time a tenant moves into or from a rental property in Southmont Borough. The Landlord/Tenant Registration form has replaced the previous moving permit applications. There are currently no fees charged for the registration forms.

Spring Clean Up


Southmont Borough schedules a once a year Spring Clean-up. The schedule is advertised in the local newspaper. This is usually done in mid-May. Spring Clean-up is done along with our regular weekly pick-up. No batteries, tires, Auto-Truck parts, construction materials, liquids or paint. No appliances with freon will be picked up. Contact Waste Management for instructions on how to handle appliances with freon. Shrub and yard waste must be tied in 3' bundles.


Snow Removal


Residents are requested not to plow, shovel or blow snow from their sidewalks or driveways back into the streets. When clearing your driveway, push snow to the right of your driveway or "down stream". It is impossible not to have snow pushed into your driveways. Priority is given to streets along bus routes and hills, secondary streets and alleys are done as quickly as possible. Residents have been requested to park in their driveway or off the main streets during heavier snow conditions, to better accommodate snow plows and material spreading vehicles.

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