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Southmont Borough Zoning Information

Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency, Zoning/Codes Enforcement - (814) 471-0424



Borough Ordinance Requirements and Building & Zoning Permits

The purpose of Zoning Ordinance #514 is to promote proper community development. Building Permits are required to enlarge, construct, alter or demolish a structure. Permits are also required for any proposed change that occurs in the use of a building. It is the property owners responsibility to obtain a permit. If you are considering any new construction, additions or alterations and have questions, please call Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency before any project begins.


Contractors must provide Worker Compensation forms before approval of any building permit.


Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act Information

The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act affords protection for consumers who hire contractors for home remodeling projects. The law went into effect July 1, 2009 and provides that contractors who perform home improvements totaling $5,000 or more per year must register with the Office of Attorney General. The law requires written contracts between the contractor and consumer when the price of the project exceeds $500 and provides for criminal penalties for home improvement fraud and civil penalties for violations of the act. If you are remodeling your home, be sure your contractor is registered with the Office of Attorney General at or call toll free 1-888-520-6680 before you sign a contract.


Home improvement fraud occurs when:

  • A contractor intentionally provides false or misleading information to convince a consumer to enter into an agreement for home improvements.

  • A contractor receives payment and fails to provide the services or materials

  • A contractor damages a person's property in order to solicit an agreement for services or materials

  • A contractor alters a contract or other documents without the consent of the consumer

  • A contractor publishes false or deceptive advertisements

  • A contractor misrepresents material as special order material or misrepresents the cost of special order material

  • lA contractor represents himself or herself as an employee of a governmental unit or public utility


Business Permits and Sign Permits

Many residents choose to have a business within their home. This type of business, as well as those in the Commercial District, require a Business License permit. Home Occupation is permitted by special exception under Zoning Ordinance #514. The permit is a one time registration fee. Applications can be obtained from Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency.


Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is provided for under the International Code Property Maintenance (Ordinance #314) making it unlawful to store abandoned or junked, unlicensed vehicles on property or to place garbage, rubbish or other debris on property within the Borough. In addition, all areas are to be kept free of weeds or plant growth within the growing season. High grass and overhanging trees and brush must be kept clear of the streets and walkways withing the Borough. Recommendations are to mow grass throwing it in direction away from the curb lines, keeping grass clippings off the streets, to help prevent clogging of sewer lines.


Sidewalks and Curbs

Current Borough Ordinance (#'s 39, 397 and 403) provides that all owners (or agent of owner) with property abutting or fronting upon any street, are required to keep the public walkway immediately abutting their property in good repair. The Borough will inspect and the property owner will be notified that repairs are necessary. If not done by the property owner, the Borough will contract to have the work done at the property owners expense.



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