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Southmont Borough Sewer Project Update

Because of an order given by the State, Southmont has until December 31, 2021 to reduce the amount of storm water this is infiltrating the sanitary sewer system to an acceptable amount determined by DEP.

Southmont Borough is pleased to report the installation of all new public sewer lines (in the street) and all necessary private sewer lines (from the house foundations to the street lines) is complete. We thank you for your patience during the past 4 years of construction on these projects.

The next step is to assure that no storm water is infiltrating from a private residence into the public system. This process was started last fall and will continue throughout the spring of this year as the weather systems permit (several days of rainy weather is necessary). During these wet weather events, the engineers will be inspecting every viewport (round metal cover on your property near the street) to determine if storm water is entering the public system from private properties. If no storm water is infiltrating no further action will be needed at this time. However, if storm water is infiltrating, the homeowner will be required to repair the sewer line in their homes (sub slabs) to prevent any storm water from getting into the public system (as per DEP order).

Once the homeowner has repaired or replaced their sewer lines, the engineers will reinspect the viewport and pass the property.

To date 684 properties have been inspected. Out of that number 170 properties have failed. Letters were sent in December to the property owners that have failed the inspection. The engineers still have approximately 350 properties to inspect during the next we weather event. Once that is complete letters will be sent to the properties that have failed. 

Our goal is to meet our DEP requirements within the timeline set by the State with as little burden to the residents of Southmont as possible.

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