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MS4/Stormwater Management 

The Borough of Southmont has developed a Public Education and Outreach Program (PEOP) to meet the requirements of the Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) General Permit.  The objective of this PEOP is to communicate the appropriate information to target audiences in the Borough to educate and inform the community about water pollution prevention and the MS4 Program.  The PEOP should also help the community become aware of the actions that individuals, businesses, and developers in the area can take to protect and improve water quality locally, as well as within the watershed.

The Solution to Stormwater Pollution

When It Rains, It Drains

Where Does All The Dirty Water Go?

Stormwater Pollution Solution

Stormwater Crossword

Water Cycle Glossary of Terms - Great for use in making flash cards (Great suggestion from a local summer nature youth program! Thank you Ms. Platt, Meghen, Lauren, Sam & Fiona!)

DEP Website - Stormwater

EPA Website - Stormwater

Public Education & Outreach Program (PEOP)

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