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Leaf Collection


The Public Works Department collects leaves in the fall usually from October through November, depending on the weather. It is very important that there are no limbs in the piles of leaves. The last leaf collection was held up due to the leaf collection machine clogging due to limbs. No grass or other yard waste. Residents are requested to rake the leaves to the curb, not in the street. Bagged leaves will be picked up with your garbage on your regular pick-up day. Help avoid street flooding and clogged catch basins by cleaning leaves and other debris from the catch basins near your home.

We will also be adding a special bagged leaf collection in mid-April. We are asking that leaves be bagged for the spring pick-up since there are generally less leaves to pick up at this time of year and bagged leaves will be easier and quicker for the Public Works Department to pick up leaving more time to focus on other items such as patching streets. 

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