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Shade Tree Information


The purpose of the Southmont Borough Shade Tree Advisory Board and Committee is to maintain our urban forest by thoughtful

planning of tree planting and removal of dead or hazardous trees. Southmont Borough has been named a Tree City USA for the past 25 years. We have met the required standards for Tree City USA by having 1.) a Shade Tree Commission 2.) a Shade Tree Ordinance 3.) a community forestry program with an annual budget of $2.00 per capita 4.) an Arbor Day observance and proclamation, which is celebrated each year. 


Many residents have dedicated trees in memory of a deceased family member or to honor a loved one. This is an everlasting memorial and will be shared by others for many years. Commission members inventory Borough trees to assure that we and the owners of the property abutting street tree locations are maintaining the trees properly. A variety of the tree species thrive in the Borough. A bi-annual newsletter, the Kindred Spirit, is sent out to keep residents abreast of the Shade Tree activities and offer helpful tips and articles on Shade Tree maintenance on trees along Borough streets, as well as in their yards.

Shade Tree Permits

Southmont Borough Ordinance #69, Section 2, prohibits tree trimming without permits. Permits are available below or at the borough office. There is no cost for the permits, but they are required. Fines may be imposed. Maintenance of shade trees are the responsibility of the property owner on whose property the shade tree is located or whose property abuts the right of way in which the shade tree is located. Trees should never be topped. Removal of shade trees will be handled by Southmont Borough. If you believe a shade tree needs to be removed, submit a request to the borough office and it will be reviewed by the Shade Tree Committee.

Shade Tree Work Permit


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